straight forward health and safty advice 
Workplaces must be safe place to be in, and without risk to health The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations place a duty on you to consider the workplace environment and provide basic facilities to make the workplace a safe and healthy place to be in. A good design and layout is essential and consideration should be given to known hazards. There must be enough space for people to do their jobs safely. Mark hazardous areas such as pits and platform edges with brightly coloured tape to warning people. Buildings must have sufficient fire resistance to allow safe evacuation if necessary. Doors and windows must be easy to open with viewing panels in doors so that when you open them you don't endanger anyone. Appropriate safety signs should be displayed in the workplace. It is important to keep the workplace neat and tidy. An action as simple as removing rubbish to proper containers can help reduce the risk of fire. Always keep gangways and fire exits clear. Good ventilation, whether natural or artificial, and good lighting levels greatly improves working conditions and reduces fatigue levels. As far as possible, the temperature in the workplace should be kept at a comfortable level.  Every workplace should have welfare facilities adequate for the number of people who work there and the type of work activity undertaken.
General safety